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Screen Imprinting

Screen Printing gives the best quality image with the highest visual impact for spot-color, solid-fill images. Ink colors are printed one at a time, creating a very precise & colorful graphic. Any ink color can be used on our fabric. Our inks, calibrated specifically for our fabric, yield a glossy, vibrant image. Our PMS color-matching (no extra charge) will always be exact. Add our years of experience in manufacturing only these products, along with our expert Screen Printing techniques, and the result is a finished product that consistently draws oooohs and aaaahs from our customers. Simply stated, ours are the finest table covers you can buy.

Digital Printing is your best option for printing complex images (full color, gradients, half-tones, etc.). Using CMYK (4-color process) printing, the image is dye-sublimated into the fabric, creating a permanent image. Note that with Digital Printing, colors are more muted/not as bright and PMS color matches are less accurate than with Screen Printing. Additionally, the resolution of the print is somewhat low (ie. printed dots visible), so these images are best viewed from a distance of several feet. See Imprinting – Digital.

Artwork Requirements
• VECTOR artwork only
- All text saved as OUTLINES (eliminates font problems)
• Programs Accepted – Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps)
• Media Accepted – CD only.
• Email – art@logoskirt.com

Recreate VECTOR Artwork – let us recreate your artwork electronically in vector form. We’d be pleased to email it to you for future use after completion.
Let us recreate your vector artwork..... $25.00

Artwork Proofs 
Final Artwork for your approval (not shown on product) 

  • Fax Proof - No Charge
  • Email Proof - $15 each
Layout Proofs - (Image positioned on product)
Fax or Email (your choice)
  • No Charge - orders $500+
  • $15 each - orders under $500

Image Sizes – We offer four image sizes so your graphic can be displayed at the perfect size to gain the most visual impact.
Standard . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  20''x 24''
Oversize . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  24''x 40''
Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24''x 48''
Extra Large . . . . . . . . . . . . 24''x 60''

Ink Colors

Screen Printing – A Pantone spot color - Coated (PMS #) is required. We can also match a color sample. We will match each color as closely as possible. Critical color matches of spot colors require customer approval of a color swatch and therefore, often require additional lead time. There is no charge for color matches. Shipping charges are billable.

E-mail proofs - $15.00 each



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